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Merritt Technical Associates, Inc.'s Business "Niche"


Merritt Technical Associates, Inc. (MTA) does not consider ourselves as a “niche” firm, our clients are a “niche” (Financial Services Clients), but we are not a “niche” firm.  Our mission statement describes MTA as committed to providing the best total solutions to our customers.  We stand committed to “Customer intimacy”, superior quality, state of the art automation and empowerment of our people at point of Customer contact. Our vision is to Develop MTA into a Leading Provider of Staffing Based Technical Solutions to the Information Technology Industry, with services ranging from Staff Augmentation to Strategic Outsourcing.

To assist MTA achieve our mission and vision our strategy has been to aggressively focus on building a "Customer Intimate" Staff Augmentation business to achieve critical mass and develop a cohesive Client base.  We have increased Market Share by leveraging strong relationships throughout the east coast to build and establish MTA's customer base. 

MTA strictly focuses on supporting a small number of large financial service firms, focusing on the Investment Banking, Banking and Financial industry’s "Biggest and Best" users of Information Technology that use consultants and spend 40% of their IT budgets on staffing, development and maintenance.  We focus on four primary areas:

  • Data

MTA utilize existing consultant relationships, a database of over 60,000 actively maintained consultants  and established business partners to create the "Best in the Industry" fulfillment capability.  We have developed a highly competitive, technically superior resource pool.   We are a customer-driven organization; we align our services with our client’s needs and deliver value above our competitors and client expectations.

Today a consulting company needs to determine what their role to their clients will be.  Some firms choose to maintain a narrow technology focus and concentrate on only supplying certain skill sets to their clients.   MTA has chosen to be a full range client intimate company.

Our strength has been our ability to maintain our focus on our target.  MTA has a solid client base to build from and has become a reputable player in the fast growing high tech staffing industry.  We have over 15 active large financial clients. We have a sales and recruiting nucleus to service existing business, build infrastructure and grow.   We have utilized Bill Merritt's 30+ year reputation and client references in the financial services industry. We utilize the best technology to automate the business available.  MTA's success in supporting the financial industry has not been a fluke, but rather is part of the execution of a well developed and proven business plan.

MTA has taken several steps to insure we attract and recruit high quality contracts. As technology has continued to advance and the development of systems has become more complex and the skills to implement systems have become more specialized, we at MTA needed to find a way of organizing those things that can and should be done. Before issues can be fully addressed at a company, the organization must first understand and agree to the terms and definitions of common architectural components as used within the organization. Understanding and use of a common language and terminology promotes discussion of the potential technology design options.

A useful mechanism, which can be used as a visual aid to facilitate discussion about systems architectures, is an architectural model. The Zachman Framework for Enterprise Architecture is the architectural discussion model that we use.  John Zachman first introduced his framework / concept for information enterprise architecture in 1987. Since then it has been widely adopted by systems analysts and database designers and now consulting companies.  The framework is a classification scheme for things in the IS world. It is useful for understanding methodologies, techniques, and tools. The current six columns, six rows (36 Box) version of the framework provides a way of viewing a system from many different perspectives and showing how they are all related.  Click on the link to see MTA's corporate presentation on the Zachman Framework.

We believe our use of a structured framework, a classification tool, a way of understanding and communicating extremely difficult technology concepts is one of our “niches” (or as I would prefer to say to say added value and differentiator).  Once we are certain of the Job Type, Role, and Task/ Deliverables we are looking for we proceed to our next stage of our recruiting which is illustrated in our recruiting process.  Once again we believe our use of a structured standardized documented recruiting process is another of our “niches” (or as we would prefer to say "added value and differentiator").

We hope this has been helpful to provide you with some “niches” for us in your plans of how you could better utilize MTA's services.

What can MTA do for you?   Let us know what you need and we will get right on it! 


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