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Merritt Technical Associates, Inc's Referral Program is Unique and Rewarding!

For every person you refer that is hired, you will receive a monthly check for their services for the duration of their project. These projects often run for several years, and you would receive a check every month for the duration of the project. This translates to a fee of several thousand dollars for the referral of a friend or colleague, who in turn would support some of the leading financial institutions.

MTA encourages multiple referrals

You can refer as many as possible; there is no limit! The referral fee is tiered so as to encourage multiple referrals. If you refer one consultant who is hired,

MTA will pay you $1.25 an hour for every hour worked for that project. For a second referral that is hired, MTA will pay $1.50 per hour and for a third or more MTA would pay $1.75 per hour.

This translates to the following:


1st Referral

2nd Referral

3rd or more Referral

Total For 3 Referrals
















*Approximate amounts fees will be paid based upon actual hours worked by referral.

The above figures do assume that the person works every day, five days a week,, 4 weeks per month and 48 weeks in a year.

Fee paid for three referred consultants placed by MTA would be around $8,640.00.

Most of MTA's projects are longer than one year. This is a fantastic Referral Program!

Standard Practices and Restrictions on the Program

MTA already invoices clients for hours worked by consultants, information regarding these details is already tracked and available for all consultants. Approved timesheets is the standard in determining hours worked and invoicing clients; the same standard is used for the monthly Referral Fees.

It should be noted that MTA will not pay a referral fee for overtime hours. The Referral Fee will be paid up to and including 40 hours worked per week. Also MTA will not offer fees for consultants already in MTA's systems and databases, nor will it offer a referral fee for those skill sets where traditional recruiting methods suffice.

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